OpenRPN *fix core release 0.2



A new version of OpenRPN's starfix core is available for download:


The decimal number implementation has been switched to IBM's decNumber, bringing IEEE compliance.

A whole package of RPN functions (defined in sflib/rpn.sfix, prefixed with RPN_ ) is defined.

Local variables are now correctly implemented (lexical scope).

The debugger is more functional, with the ability to step inside a function or go to the next instruction in the current function (step/next).

I use sfix daily on my laptop, but there is still a long way to go, and we need help with the core engine, memory management (garbage collection), exception management, and then later making it ready for an embedded system.

Note also that now the whole project is hosted on Sourceforge. We can take advantage of the infrastructure for reporting bugs, assigning tasks, etc.

-- alain.

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