I have become an expert storing equations thanks to a friendly response to a question I posted a few days ago. A follow up question. Can I assign an equation to the custom menu? Ideally, I would like to press one soft key and go directly to a specific equation in “solve equation”.

Thank you




You can do this using mostly built-in features and one feature you're sure to hear more of in the future. First, I suggest creating a directory of your personal equations. Do this by typing:

'MYEQ' CRDIR This makes a directory for you. Press its name on the menu keys to change directories to it.

One way to create custom keys is to create many individual objects in a directory. If you do this, change to the directory, find the object and press the menu key. Another way is to use the custom menu key - CST . Press that key and all the programs appear although it's about the same as having the names in one directory. The advantage is that only your equations appear - no variable names. (Using the HOME diectory is ok but it will fill-up with too many objects).

Each program object would look like the following:

your equation'

The number before the SYSEVAL must be the same as shown. That begins the SOLVR menu.

For a custom menu, look up the feature in your owners manual. If you need more advice, contact me directly.


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