reassembling an HP49g


I hope I got the model # right...I'm a little goofy in the head at the moment. In any case...the blue one :). I left it on top of my van, then drove off :(. Found it the next morning :). Took a couple of hits, but I'm guessing it'll still work. The brass disk thingee came loose though. I need to know how it's oriented. One side is bare metal, the other side has something else going on, a pad or something? I don't have it in front of me at the moment. Help...please help. I need to calculate my mortgage payment.
Hey I like this thing too. I wish there was a book on how to hack it :)!



just to let you know that the disk you are refering to is simply the buzzer, beeper, etc. You will probably find one contact (maybe two) in the calculator mainboard (I have not opened an HP49G, but I remember seeing pictures of an opened unit that was opened by one of our contributors right after it was introduced). If there is only one contact in the mainboard (a conic-shaped spring, maybe a flexible metal strip), the other one is in the case itself. Anyway, the surface with the smaller circular pad (brass) identifies one pole, whereas the other pole in the rest of it(bare metal). As you can see, they are isolated from each other.

I would not worry about this too much. In fact, the calculator may work without it, just need to check if the poles won´t be shorted if the buzzer (beeper) is not in place. Maybe after putting it in one piece it works straight. Just wait a bit more, or you can try the HP48 group.


Luiz (Brazil)

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