CAS commands don't work


Hello. I have been learning to use my new HP 50g and then I found out that I can't execute any command from the CAT menu such as EXPLN; COLLECT; FACTOR etc. For example even if I use echo of let's say EXPLN (cos(X)) it gives me exactly the same answer: EXPLN (cos(X)) and no error or anything else is mentioned on the screen. I think the problem is any of the flags, but I've tried changing everything and I still can't find how to fix this problem. I hope someone can help me.. =}


Wow! That's a weird bug. The CAT list on my 49g+ has it as EXP&LN, but the command name is really EXPLN.

For this one, just type EXPLN into the command line and press ENTER.




Umm, no not bug after all.

The CAT choose box has both EXP&LN which invokes a menu or choose box of exponential and logarithmic operations, and EXPLN, which transforms the trigonometric terms in an expression to exponential and logarithmic terms.

But I suspect that you chose EXP&LN when you really wanted EXPLN (like I just did).

But there does seem to be a documentation bug in the AUR manual, which lists EX&LN instead of EXP&LN in the full command reference.


Oops. :-)


This looks very much like a problem in algebraic mode which does not occur in RPN mode.


evaluates nicely.


just echoes the command. Adding single quotes or EVAL(...) around the expression doesn't do anything different. The output is always "EXPLN(COS(X))".

Is the CAS broken in ALG mode?

Another behaviour that I do not understand: If I press ' to start an algebraic expression (in RPN) and then select EXPLN from the catalog it is not echoed but executed directly on the empty expression. So EXPLN doesn't seem to be a function but a command. How do I enter commands in ALG mode?


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