HP-71 case foam?


I purchased an HP-71B with case (the hp synthetic leather case). There was lots of tiny, black, sticky particles in the case. I washed the case and now they are gone, but I wonder where they came from.

Are the HP-71B cases foam-padded? Could it be that the foam dissolves to a kind of sticky dust?


Mine have done that too. There's some kind of spongy stuff between the outer imitation leather and the inner cloth, and it's falling apart. I stuck packing tape on the inside of my cases, which has kept most of that junk off of the computer.


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Same phenomenon on both Hp-41 & Hp-71B cases.

I wash them inside out at 30°C (no bleach) in my washing machine, let them dry in the open air and the ugly sticky stuff usually disappears.


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