48G register arithmatic


Hi again folks,

Is there no (simple) way to perform the equivalent of register arithmatic on the 48G? I.e., like sto + 3 on an old RPN machine.
I realize there is the issue of many different object types that may be in a given variable, but if I want to add a real number into a variable that also contains a real number, is there no way to (quickly) do that? Can't seem to find this addressed in the user's guide.

As always, thanks...Hal


3 'X' STO+ will add three to the variable X.

STO+, STO-, STO*, STO/ all do what is expected.

SINV, SNEG, SCONJ operate on the named variable.

- Pauli


Thanks Paul,

But I can't seem to get it to work. Using your ketstroke sequence in the command line (3 'X' sto+), as soon as I hit STO, the number is overwritten into the named variable, not added to it.
What do you suppose I'm doing wrong.
Thanks, Hal


Hi. You can't push the STO key to do this.

There are functions on a memory menu for STO+.

Do this:

Left shift PRG

If you use this a lot, you can assign this to a key or create a custom menu.

It's on page 3-174 of the HP49g+ / HP50g AUR.

Found here:



Oops. 48G!

It should still be under a MEMORY menu. Sorry for not paying closer attention. :-)


Or else just type in the command.

3 'X' <hold down alpha> S T O + <release alpha> ENTER


Thanks for all the help. It worked.

Best regards, Hal

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