How does one exactly movie a library with File Manager on 49G+???


I sa a old newsgroup posting describing how one can move a downloaded libray using the 49G+s File is the posting...

"> The instructions you have are way more complicated than they need to be.
> Here's how I attach a library:
> 1. Download the library to the calculator.
> 2. Go into the filer (LeftShift APPS). Select the library (the cursor
> should already be over it) and press the MOVE soft menu key.
> 3. Press the corresponding number key of the port you want the library
> to
> be in.
> 4. Press ON+C.
> You can then access the library through the LIB menu (RightShift 2)."

My question is, is the calculator supposed to be in ALG or RPN mode to sue the MOVE soft key, then select the port number as described???

And does on just select he port number and then reboot, or does one select the port number and hit enter? No enter key is said to be used in the explanation, just curous if it was left out.
In other words, how does one exctly move a libray using the File Manager????


About the only thing that I know how to do in ALG mode is switch
to RPN mode, so what follows assumes RPN mode, but I expect that
it would be pretty much the same in ALG mode.

If you download the library file (using USB or IrDA), then the
library will be stored in a variable, in HOME or one of its
subdirectories. If the file is on a card, then it will be in port

Navigate (using the cursor movement buttons) to the variable or
file name so that it's highlighted. CursorRight or CursorLeft
expand or collapse a highlighted port or directory; CursorUp and
CursorDown do the obvious.

Press MOVE (the C key) and you'll see "PICK DESTINATION" at the
top. Use the cursor movement buttons again to highlight port 0, 1,
or 2. Press ENTER (or OK, the F key). When the original location
is shown again (just in case you want to do something additional
there), the object has been moved.

If the library file is on a card, you can use COPY (the B key) instead of MOVE to leave the original on the card.

If you want to check whether you really did move it to the right
place, then navigate to that port and check.

Press CANCEL (the ON key) to quit the filer.

Note that on the 49 series, (unlike the 48 series) turning the
calculator off and back on does not configure the libraries.

Most libraries have a configuration program that "auto-attaches"
the library when you do a warmstart. To invoke a warmstart, hold
down ON, press and release C, and release ON.

Press RightShift LIB (over the 2 key) and see if your library is

The Equation Library (libraries 226 and 227) is a special case; it
doesn't show up in the LIB menu. Press APPS to check for it.

If the library isn't auto-attaching, then put its library number
on the stack, type in ATTACH, and press ENTER.

If you store a program in the reserved variable STARTUP, then it
will run at every warmstart. This is a handy way to automatically
attach libraries that aren't auto-attaching, or for that matter,
to detach libraries that are auto-attaching but that you don't
want attached to the home directory all of the time, and to
restore any preferences.

If you don't want any library configuration routines and the
STARTUP program to run (say, because of a buggy library that hangs
the system), then hold down the backspace key while warmstarting.

Don't leave a copy of any library in home or its subdirectories
because this will interfere with the memory recovery routine if
you press YES from the "Try To Recover Memory?" screen.

Try it; with a little practice, it should be a lot easier than
reading this.

Note that you can also apply an action to several objects at the
same time in the filer, by pressing the +/- key or ON key at the
names highlighted to select multiple objects.


Edited: 4 Sept 2006, 9:49 p.m.

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