There was this man who organized an international meeting and asked the participants to bring something from their home countries for the barbecue.
So the German came up with some Bratwürste, the Italian had spaghetti and the Frenchman took care of le vin.

And the man from Holland? He came with his wife and children.

D'you wanna experience such a meeting?

have a look on

greetings from Holland,

Bram (still trying to attend ...)


Hi Bran

You´re wellcome, although your wife and children will be bored. They can enjoy the "Herbstmesse".
Meindert Kuipers also comes from Holland (sorry, the Netherlands) and offers a pick up on his trip...

I would prefer if you would bring some cheese or maybe queen Beatrix. She must be a very nice person... :)

Matthias, the man/guy of the meeting


Hi Matthias!

Could you pls change the wording of my contribution on your site: I do not have an Xpander, so I may show only a _virtual_ one, done with the M$ WinCE emulator. Alas it is still unfinished.



Hi Matthias,

You may count me in, I'll be happy to join the meeting. I'll pass some additional info, but will do that privately.

although your wife and children will be bored.
Don't worry; they're already bored when I discuss calculators in general, let alone when they would (have to) spend a whole day on the subject ;-) Originally I considered spending a little family holiday in Switzerland at the time of the meeting. I would go to Allschwil while the others could stroll through Basel.
The situation kind of made me remember the barbecue joke.
queen Beatrix. She must be a very nice person... :)
She is.
Although we have a lot of royalties and I'm pretty sure that if they calculate they're using an HP, I very much doubt if this is something of their level. ;-) You'll have to go to Lech to meet any.


Bram (and others from Nederland),

Get in touch with me if you want to travel with me. I will go by car on Friday afternoon and return on Sunday.


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