Getting started on the HP48G


Hi folks.

I just acquired a nice 48G, my first graphing/RPL calculator. Although I've used RPN machines for decades, I have zero experience with this machine, which I acquired without the owners manual. Untill I get a manual, is there an online publication to get me started (maybe one of the training modules for a similar machine on the HP site)?
Thanks and best regards, Hal



The User's Guide and Advanced User's Reference Manual are available in PDF at Look under HP48|Documentation|Miscellaneous.



You can get HP 48 User manual and quick start guide, in pdf format, using this link

I hope it will be usefull.



First of all, Thanks very much to all who responded with links to 48G users guides...that's exactly what I needed.

One more question if I may. The faceplate is creaky, especially towards the top (under the display). Also, I can see daylight under the edges of the faceplate when looking at an angle (looks like three little tab slots on each side). Is this just a characteristic of the machine, or is there a possible fix.
Thanks again, Hal


The three tabs on the side are normal. They are for keyboard templates.

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