HP calculators power consumption


Anyone knows where I can find news about HP calculators power consumption (in watts or milliwatts)? It is just a curiosity, especially for Voyagers and Pioneers.

Thanks in advance.


There is some info at the following string: http://groups.google.com/group/comp.sys.hp48/browse_frm/thread/c13df971c543c6a6/

Voyager series:

"High reliability: The ICs had intermediate oxide layers to trap contaminants
and were routinely inspected and tested at elevated temperatures.
The ICs were designed to survive electrostatic discharges
in excess of 4000 volts."

"Lower power consumption: An 85 thousand transistor circuit
drew .25 milliwatts and had a standby leakage of 5 - 10 nanoamperes.
The process was meant to allow calculators to run for a year
from a set of small batteries but several owners have reported
that they are still running on their original batteries after 20-22 years."
[apparently some batteries are built to survive that long,
without even leaking :]

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