HP41CX emulator and development environment


What is a good HP-41CX emulator and development environment?

I am looking for a PC app that will let me input a HP41 program, then emulate running it on a HP41, including test/debug/step through it, to make sure it is working just right, before keying it into the physical HP41CX.

I recall reading about something like this, but have forgotten where I saw it.



HI jyl.

It's quite easy - please have a look at:


and you'll find a full list of availabale simulators / emulators for HP calcs,

with some references to HP41 emulators as well.

As a "deeper insight" you may want to browse the Warren's site's emulation section:

Hope this helps.

Best regards.




my favourite HP-41 development environment

consists of SDK41 incl. v41 from Warren Furlow,

and Emu41 from Jean-Francois Garnier.

My favourite program editor is TSE Pro,

however UltraEdit will do, too...

Please take a look at the emulator links page,

there's a link to Warren's site.




See here. IMHO JFG's Emu41 is still the most complete one.



That is an awsome list of emulators. Incidentally, I've run across one emulator of the HP-29C that I thought was really cool - but it is not free. It is part of a computer science self study couruse for kids that sells for $20.00 at www.computersciencelab.com. It actually made two small additions to the 29C to allow the 29C emulator to have a graphing window - and to display all of the stack (x, y, z, t) and all 30 registers - so you can watch the values change. This kind of setup is perfect for developing programs before you type them - and for learning rpn/calculator programming.


You will find a link to my HP33C simulator for Windows here in the archives - it is written in VB but don't let that put you off, however this early version still has a few bugs that I've fixed in the current version.

I'm still working on it with the aim of being able to simulate the HP25C, HP29C, HP31E, HP21, HP10, and HP11C as well as the HP33C. As well as tiding up the code to a point a which is I feel comfortable in letting it out into the big wide world...

If any registered HP forum user wants to try out the latest 'working' version of the simulator they can contact me off list.

Mike T.


Oh, and BTW, the emulators on this page ( http://www.debug4x.com/ ) include the 48, 49, and even the 50g! That was in a thread a few days ago...


Sorry, my list is _not_ up to date. I planned to update it during my vacation, but due to my divorce I used the three (quite rainy) weeks with my kids (11&13 yrs) to play "Papa as chef of the kitchen". They did not like everything but they ate all! (My advice: if you are in or near Switzerland get a M-Budget frying-pan for SFR 8.80 from MIGROS, that's about 6 EUR or 7 USD. Best value per bucks!)

To my emulator list I must add a warning about free VMware Player: playing with it at work I came accidently across some confidential servers. They nearly dismissed me without notice. So take care.

What I currently try with VMware Player is to connect an emulated HP-40G (using Emu48) running on Win98 under VMware to connect to the underlying WinXP host w/o any cable. Alas I am still in the sharp rise of the learning curve. Connecting an HP-40G (real or emulated using Emu48 on XP) to "my" HP200LX works flawlessly.


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