Voyager series, early production numbered 12C


Hi all, I recently acquired an HP-12C with a serial number beginning with 2031A! From information found elsewhere on this site that serial number makes it a very early production model of the Voyager series.

Question: are there any known errors in the numbering schemes used by HP?

As far as I can tell the calculator is authentic. I have several early version 12Cs and the one in question shares all characteristics with them. There are no signs that it has been hampered with. The serial number would for any Voyager model indicate a very early production model.





Hi Arne, that sounds really interesting, at least from another HP-12C enthusiast's horizon!

Somewhere (maybe in another thread on this forum) I think I have read that unexpectedly early serial numbers are sometimes explained by the fact that damaged parts were replaced with spare parts from other models. But given the fact that this number is prior to the earliest known serials of all voyager models, I don't think that explanation seems very likely in this case.

Can you post pictures? Also - where did you find it?


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