12C Platinum Anniversary Edition Questions


I have one of the newer 12C Platinums and just recieved a 25th anniversay edition, also.

I'd like to hear any thoughts about comparisons. I think I like the display a little better on the 25th anniversary unit. Are there any other changes? Is it built better?

Also, would it be a good idea, in your opinion, to buy 10 of them for resale maybe 5 years from now?

Many thanks!



Also, would it be a good idea, in your opinion, to buy 10 of them for resale maybe 5 years from now?

It is difficult to look into the future ... but intuitively, I would say no. This new HP-12C Anniversary Edition can be purchased by anybody (other than some previous limited edition calculators that were only sold to HP staff and shareholders) and therefore is prodced in much larger numbers. But who knows? (Maybe we should ask our eBay friends like "Coburlin" and "stategicmoves" for advice ;-) ?)

Greetings, Max

Edited: 28 Aug 2006, 11:47 a.m.

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