HP19B II / hidden memory


Hello all!

I use the HP19B II Calculator, unfortunately the memory is overflowing. I one heard or read, that there is a "hidden" memory in that calc and with a trick it can be used.

Does anyone of you know if that's true and if, how it's done?


Greets from Switzerland


News to me. It has an 8K RAM chip and will show 7K of RAM. That extra 1K may be available somehow or somewhere, but it is ONLY 1 extra Kilobyte. Not enough to go after IMO. The NEW Hp17BII+ does have 32K of RAM and it is a lower end relative to the Hp19b series (has all the business features, alarm and solver).


The "extra" 1K is what the calculator needs for internal housekeeping and overhead. It's not "available" for user data.

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