Good alternate cases for the 50g?


I'm almost embarassed to carry around the cheezy case that comes with the shiny new 50g... My 33s case fits almost perfectly -- if it was only an inch longer.

Has anyone found a good replacement case for the 49g/50g calcs? Something protective but slim and not obtrusive?






If it just had an HP logo ....



Hey, I like that D&B bag! (I'm in touch with my feminine side;-)


Perhaps I can trade an Hp48G case for that sorry excuse of a leatherette case you got with your Hp ( I am joking, you are better off with THAT case).

I feel the new case is a BIG improvement over the previous 48G line case. Even with a streamlined case, it is still a big bulky graphics calculator, so you might as well protect it with a good case. The older Hp48G case was not much more than a slip cover.

My day to rant!!!!

I use an Hp48Gx on my desk. Is it my favorite? No, my Hp42s or Hp 15c are my favorites (depending upon my mood or needs). But to sit on my desk at work, the Hp48G series has lots of features that save me reference time or provide an easy solution to an otherwise tough problem. But I sure hate their bulk and prefer the simplicity and size of the smaller, yet powerful pocket calculator (if the Hp 42s where even 1 cm shorter, my Hp 15c wouldn't even be mentioned, although it is also tough to give up that layout, once you are used to it).

I would agree with your assessment of the Hp33s case, as IT IS SUPPOSED to be a pocket calculator and the case makes it NOT SO!


I thought the case that came with my 48sx is very nice. The one that came with the 48gx isn't as nice but not a bad one.


Yes, there is an excellent padded nylon case with velcro enclosure available, with room to stuff in a pocket guide. I liked the first one so much I bought five for all my 48s/49s/50. Here's a link to the Reeline/RipOffs company:


Thanks. Your post is exactly what I had hoped to see. I was beginning to think that everyone was into unhelpful smartass remarks, but glad to hear you're not part of that crowd.

I was actually hoping to find a slip case of some variety, but I may take a closer look at the ripoffs. At least they appear very high quality and well thought out, if nothing else.

I may take a chance on a longer-than-normal 32s case I saw on eBay too, not sure yet.

Anyhow, thanks!


Like so many others, I say the bulk in the cover is just about enough to cover the bulk in the unit. So much for style over substance again. I am encouraged by the fact that a significant number of critics continue to offer criticism of style, finding little negative to say about function.

Maybe I should design a case with belt loop for students to wear proudly around campus in the place of my old K&E Decilog. Sounds to me that there is a market.

Have fun y'all,


PS Rec reading - "The Ring" (maybe "In the Ring")by Teddy Roosevelt. Whatever the title, it is a little essay on the merits of getting in the ring (aka, "stepping up to the plate" versus being a critic.


Here is another alternative - looks absolutely bomb-proof (perhaps an unfortunate choice of words in today's world):


I prefer and also recommend the ripoffs case. It's much cheaper and very durable.


Ripoffs is going or has gone out of business. They may have product with current vendors. This is the first time I've heard of them so too bad.


Holster Depot has the CO-29 holster available for $19.99.

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