9114B - Help :-(


In my 9114B the first led is blinking and the led of the test is ON. What can be?

(Blinking)(OFF)(OFF ) (ON)

Thanks !!!


Hi, Gileno;

I had problems with an exhausted sealed battery. After turning the 9114B on, two LED´s were turned ON and at the moment the disk drive was activated, the first LED started to blink. After replacing the sealed battery, everything turnned out to be fine.

This is the battery I used to replace the original that came with the 9114B:[image:http://www.logeng.com.br/images/batt_1300mah_s.jpg]Clikc to enlarge

It can be found easily (I could find it here, you won´t have problems in BH).

Hope this helps.


Luiz (Brasil)


Test led is on ?


I have seen the 1st LED flicker (but not exactly blinking, as if a diagnostic) and not had any problems. The first light to go out because of low voltage is the one on the right. It's odd that the left would flicker but that seems to be a common problem. Not sure why.

Is the TEST light on all the time, or only with AC vs Bat or visa versa? The test light is supposed to be out, after a self test. This may take several seconds, 10 to 15 depending... But I have also seen the TEST light go out, while on battery only but remain on while on AC. Not sure why either but in both of these cases, I have found the drives to work perfectly well. Are there anything symptoms that the drive isn't working properly, besides the lights?

This is the proper display for a full working 9114B.

Edited: 25 Aug 2006, 9:28 a.m.


I am already with the solution! Hugs to Mike and Luiz :-)

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