Problems relearning 48sx


12 years after graduating college, I'm relearning how to use my 48sx for grad school.

I've tried following the examples in the manual for step-wise differentiation and integration, but when I press EVAL, I just get undefined name errors instead of the next screen shot shown in the book.



What's the status of system flags -2 and -3? They control symbolic/numeric evaluation mode. Also make sure you've got the right case. 'X' is not the same variable as 'x'.


How do I see flags -2 & -3?

And I'm following the keystrokes in the manual exactly, so if it's a case problem, it's HP's.



to see the status of these flags (and any other) you may follow these steps: (there are others, these are the ones I thought being the easiest)

[PRG][TEST] ([TEST] is a softkey; press the key correponding to [F])
[NXT][NXT] (this brings the softmenu for flags)
2 [+/-] (or any sequence that puts flag # in the stack)
[FS?] (softkey; asks if flag #-2 is set)
If you see a '1' (one) in the stack level 1 after [FS?], then flag -2 is set. If you see a '0'(zero), it is cleared. For testing other flags, like -3, simply pres:
3 [+/-] [FS?]
and check resulting value in stack level 1.

I hope this clarifies a bit.


Luiz (Brazil)


Flag -2 is 0, -3 is 1.


The great examples in most of the HP manuals require the calculator to have particular settings configured for the example.

Try checking the earlier sections of the chapter your working in.

Sometimes you've got to go back to move forward.

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