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Hi All,
I'm attempting to learn HP41/CV programming for fun - mostly be reading the "HP41C Owner's Handbook and Programming Guide". I've entered, run and deleted numerous program without problem. However, I appear to have left several "End" statements in registers that are taking memory space even though I've deleted all named programs. Is there an easy way to delete these entraneous lines - or barring that - to just clear all memory and/or set the calculator back to it's default memory allocations with the memory spaces cleared?




Hi Kevin,

To do a full reset:

Turn Calculator off.
Press and hold the Back Arrow (Clear) key.
Press and release the ON key.
Release the Back Arrow Key.

You should see "MEMORY LOST" in the display.



Go to the first of the offending ENDs, by doing CATALOG 1 and pressing R/S when the first END appears. Then switch to PRGM mode and press [<-].

Deleting an END causes the following program to be joined to the current one, so if you have a sequence of ENDs in memory, you can delete them one by one, starting with the first, without needing to use CATALOG 1 to jump to them.

- Thomas


Bill, Thomas - Thanks to both of you! Most apprec.



HI, Kevin;

just to identify the origin of the isolated "END" in the HP41.

I know that when you perform some program-recovering operations with the card reader, wand and other mass storage devices, an END statement is automatically added to the last program in memory. It happens that there is always a last program in the HP41 memory (I guess it is related to the OS design), and it occupies 3 bytes (the .END.). So, it is not unusual to find some empty programs in memory when reading programs in magnetic cards, reading them with the wand (barcoded) or recovering with the HPIL resources. I am not sure right now about which operations actually do that, though.

I'm adding this post because I'm wondering about where did these empty programs come from... Thus, you can avoid this to happen in the future.

Any ideas?


Luiz (Brazil)


Hm... I'm not sure where they came from - but I don't have any external devices. I might have deleted a fixed number of lines using the DEL command - and somehow left the .END in there. Not sure...

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