HP 50G keyboard review


Just received my HP 50G, just in case some of you are curious about how the keyboard compares with the other HPs.

I have a 2004 49G+ that is rarely used, the key on the 50G is slightly better, it does not have the 49G+'s hollow feel when the keys reach their full travel, but pressure required for the key press is not significantly different.

48 keyboard it is not, I have a 48SX and a GX, both calculators have keys that are easier to press, more tactile, and less clicky than the 50G.

If you go back and compare with the older models, it is not in the same league as the Spice, Woodstock, and Classics (I compared it with several calculators of each series I own to avoid sample variation).

In case you are wondering, the 41 Series still has the best keys of all HP calculators.

In conclusion, the keyboard improvement over the 49G+ is very marginal if you have a good 49G+. You may want to think twice before buying a 50G for the keyboard improvement alone. You are definitely not getting the 48 Series keyboard feel on the 50G. Its feel is a lot closer to the 49G+ than the 48GX.

Buy hey, I am not complaining, it is a small step in the right direction. Given the minimal changes, I would not have called it a new model myself though.

I hope this helps you in your 50G purchase decision.



maybe it should have been called HP-49GII+, eh?

-- Antonio


It is all CCC anyway.


The 50G maybe a good first step, but it is still an outsourced calculator that is little more than a 48 on steroids, at least to me.

I tried a 33S but after a while found that it feels cheap and lacks the feel of a good HP calculator of the past. Then tried a 49G+ and felt even cheaper. So I decided to go back to the good old ones.


Bill wrote:
> It is all CCC anyway.



Speculation only....

Cheap Chinese Crap.


Originally, CCC printed in an elliptical frame stands for China Compulsory Certification. Other translations are possible, however, see above d;-)

BTW, the German Chaos Computer Club takes the first entries in Google :)


I don't understand why you blamed it on the OEM. I would assume that it was made according to specs. The specs from HP. Otherwise it would not be acceptable to HP. Look at the TI graphing calculators, they were also OEM. I believe it was from the same OEM, but with better quality?

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