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I have an HP 33s, serial number CNA 524, that has seen light to moderate use for the past 8 months. Last night, the decimal point key became loose and now free floats. It still registers, but not reliably since you have to hit it just right.

I'm just wondering, has anyone else encountered loose keys on their 33s or other Kinpo machine? I'll be talking to HP, and they will be sending me a second replacement unit. This also happened to one of my 32sii's, but after about 8 years of intense use and sometimes abuse.


That's exactly what happened to my son's 33S (CNA 411). Too bad this happened one month after the one-year warranty had expired...
(Very moderate use during two high-school semesters, mostly in Physics classes).

Yes, that's the same decimal point key. But I remember having seen loose '1' and '2' keys in someone else's 49G+. Does Benford's Law also apply to (old) Kinpo keyboards? :-)


Is that anything like Sturgeon's Law?


I bought one 33s that had a loose, badly clicking, malfunctioning y^x key right out of the box, very annoying. The rest of the keys worked quite well, felt good. But one bad key ruined the machine, though.

I still can't get used to the cowcatcher keyboard. Oh for HP to produce a decent little scientific.

The prices of HP15c on eBay are crazy, that alone ought to convince HP that some sort of revival of that machine could be profitable.


It happened to my first HP-33S (SN 5XXX), which had a trouble with the 0 key (it worked only if pressed towards the upper right corner); figure it out!.

I called up the local HP service retailer, and an expert guy told me to rattle the key (holding it between two fingernails) in the right-left direction for a couple of days (of course for a couple of minutes in when I noticed the trouble!), in order to see if the pad under the key would set up; but after a whole week with no improvements, I returned it back, and I received in its place a brand new model (this one is quite perfect, only the ex key doesn't work if pressed toward the lower right corner, but I can live with it).

-- Antonio


It's just amazing to me that we can't get a good keyboard. My 11c is still going strong after about 20 years, and my 32sii from 1993 is also going strong with no keyboard problems. I expect a lot more for $50. Let's see if the 50g has a more reliable keyboard. Actually, the very first 33s I bought (invisible decimal version) also had problems with the keyboard registering, especially the ENTER key. It seems like there's a recurring issue with keyboard reliability for Kinpo models.

HP, if you are listening, I do not consider my calculator a disposable piece of consumer electronics. I expect it to have some longevity. You used to do it right, and then you lost your way it seems.


Twice is better than none.

HP, if you are listening, I do not consider my calculator a disposable piece of consumer electronics. I expect it to have some longevity. You used to do it right, and then you lost your way it seems.

-- Antonio


Dont worry Antonio, you are not alone in this thought. Many people I know who used to have older hp's feel the same way. HP has definately lost its consumer base of the older generation. When looking for a new calculator to use on an every day basis to add to my collection, I now almost exclusively never consider HP. Yes RPN is great, but when the calculators that run it aren't...........


I just got off the phone with HP and they are going to send me a replacement.

While I was talking to the rep I asked if he knew if they were working on a replacement for the 33s. Unfortunatley, he said not to his knowledge, especially since HP just released a few new models. He said it was his guess that the 33s will be around for at least another year. I didn't think he would be able to say one way or another, but I figured I would ask the question anyway.

Here's hoping that in the future we will see a successor to the 33s. I could even live with an evolutionary upgrade that eliminated the v shaped keyboard and returned to traditional HP colors. And while we're at it how about better reliability, and let's not have a repeat of the invisible decimal point fiasco.

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