Free42 for Windows on machines with lots of RAM


Greetings, group--

I already have a question directly in to Thomas Okken, but I thought I would ask about others' direct experience.

I recently upgraded the RAM on my computer to 2GB from 512MB. Prior to the change, shift-catalog-mem in free42 would report that available memory was some impressively huge 9 digit number of bytes. Since the change, the output is gibberish--something like "0,+,..00// Bytes" where zeros and punctuation characters replace the desired number.

I am wondering if any free42 users out there with lots of RAM see the same thing. I suspect that Thomas' code isn't able right now to meaningfully report back the available RAM if it is in excess of 999,999,999 bytes.



Hi Les,

The int2string() function in common/ turns out to be broken; it does not handle large numbers properly (meaning: larger than 999,999,999, as you suspected).

This function is not just used by MEM, but in several other places in Free42 as well, so I figure this bug is serious enough to warrant an immediate fix. I'll post a bug fix release on my web site later today.

- Thomas


I posted version 1.4.27 just now, which fixes the MEM problem.

As it turns out, the other places where Free42 used the broken int2string() function aren't problematic, since they all deal with things like line numbers, register numbers, and matrix indexes, which cannot become large enough to cause problems on 32-bit machines. The only exception is the program byte count (the number displayed in line 00): if you load a program longer than 999,999,999 bytes, the number would get screwed up. Good luck trying to trip *that* bug. :-)

- Thomas


LOL - 1 GB worth of math programming... I'd like to see that :)

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