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As I don't want to hijack another thread I post my question as a new topic.

In this post and thread the manuals to the 42S was discussed.

It may be true that a person that owns even only one HP calculator can have use for the HP Museum CDs. As mentioned here, that seems to be especially true for a programmable calculator such as 42S.

However, what should an owner of a HP-27S do, if one has the owner's manual, but are looking for the HP-27S/19B Technical Applications? (Step-by-Step Book for Advanced Technical Solutions using HP Solve Using the HP-27S or HP Business Consultant II: Technical Applications (00027-90044).)

If do not collect HP calculators, do not own a HP programmable calculator and have the owner's manual but not the Technical applications book, then the CD is not so useful.

I have had the calculator for many years, and regrettably did not buy the Technical Applications book when the calculator and its accessories were available.

I am both an engineer and an economist and I can understand the interest for other manuals for those who either collect or know how to use on their own programmable calculator.

From my point of view, the hard work was done when the manuals were written. Scanning them seems to have been a collective work.

Ten years ago, one could find small electronic shops selling new and used HP's, Ti's and documentation etc. but not anymore.


AFAIK this application manual is on CD1 of the Museum Set. So it's up to you to decide: Do you want to spend $12 for this document?

  1. IF TRUE, THEN you'll get some more, which you do not need, but anyway: Buy one, get one hundred free! And there is a good chance they may turn interesting for you later.
  2. ELSE, you may be lucky and find this document elsewhere, maybe even for less money. I don't remember to have seen it at eBay in the last 3 years.

There is no third possibility. This is called the Economic Law Of The Missed Opportunity. You have a double qualification, so I assume you know it ;)

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Thanks for prompt reply. You are correct, that is one missed opportunity! I guess I'll have to consider it.


I've seen books like these in used bookstores and on ebay but the prices for each manual exceeded the price of a museum CD. I think it's a false economy to get more for less and complain that you want less. The museum CD is an incredible bargain if you want several manuals and just cheap otherwise.

On the other hand, if you can't understand the use of the manual, then don't buy it by all means.

And if you think the scanning was easy, I suggest you get permission from HP, and then sit down with your scanner and a few hundred manuals and get to work. ;-)


Thanks for reply. That is one way to look at it, but scanned documents are not always that nice, still better than nothing.

I think I can understand the use of the manual, thank you!

I don't know if each and everyone that contributed did a few hundred manuals, did they?


No only Dave did that many. He scanned around 500 manuals himself. Most of the others scanned around 1 to 10. In return they received DVDs or HP hardware from Dave.

If you don't like a scanned manual, then by all means continue looking for an original.


In this thread and the one referenced (titled "HP 42S manual + programming guide"), there was some whining that a given user's manual and supplemental extra-cost manual are not on the same MoHPC CD-ROM.

Of course, I'd assume that's because the scanned documents were placed on a numbered CD only when the scans became available. It wouldn't have been practical to move contents around for categorical coherence, because maintenance-by-supplemental-update would have been a nightmare.

The contents on the much-larger DVD-ROM are organized by category, but it costs more than one or two CD's.

What I've done with my MoHPC CD-ROM set is copy all of them to HDD, putting all documents from different CD's residing under the same directory name to that named directory. It's easy to do. The documents are organized, and are accessed faster.

People should be thankful that the MoHPC CD's are still available for economical update and for those who still lack a DVD reader. The "HP-41 site" operator no longer updates his CD set -- the latest and most complete content is available on DVD only.

-- KS


Thanks for your reply. In this thread, my issue is one manual only. AFAIK, both the owner's manual and the Technical Applications are on one CD, so there is no whining about not on the same CD.


Hi, L.G., guys;

I am an Electrical Engineer as well, but I live in another country (thus, I face another reality). Please, LG, allow me to add a few words that may lead you to another view of the actual facts linked to the CD/DVD set of the MoHPC.

Mainly, all of us here liek having, using and keeping HP calculators. Information about them is welcome as well. Although I actually discuss HP calculators internals, repairing, programming and keystroke-based use, I had just a small knowledge of the actual universe of information available about them. I had no more than eight HP calculators when I began reading about them here. Now I own more than 60, and I keep them all the best way I can. I use them, I am not a collector. I know how to use them, I am not a collector (collectors do not necessarily know how to use the items in their collections, they may simply collect). So, when I found the MoHPC and I could contact people here, I found myself in the need to cooperate somehow.

I repaired calculators, I posted about programming and keystroke use, and I scanned some material I have as originally printed. I also had the chance to know about many other stuff I was not even aware of, and I printed many of the documents available at the CD/DVD pack.

I could not buy any of these when they were available because I was not even known about them.

I would not be able to buy copies of them now so easily, because they would be somehow expensive.

So, for us all in here, Dave Hicks is blessed. And we are, somehow, blessed by the opportunity he gave us when offering the CD/DVD pack with so too many information we would like to have access to, that whatever we pay for it is far bellow scale. Final costs are, indeed, neglectable.

That's why many of us felt the need of answering you so fast. The CD/DVD pack offered by Dave Hicks is, somehow, beyond our own expectations. It has more than any one of us, as isolated users, would need. But surelly offers each one of us, as a collective, whatever information wee need.

Hope you understand.


Luiz (Brazil)

P.S. - Please, forgive any typos, it's not been spell checked...

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Hi, L.G.;

just to add that, as many other contributors, I've already contributed with additional publications. I've written one book about HP calculators ("Da HP41 para a HP48", in Portuguese, printed in Brazil; equivalent title in English could be "From the HP41 to the HP48") and, thanks to Gene Wright, I'm co-author of a second one, available to download at the HP site ("HP12C Platinum Solutions Handbook"). I wish I could write more... and I am definitely going to.

Many, many ohter impressive material has already been produced by other guys contributing with the MoHPC. And Dave Hicks added as many as he could to the MoHPC CD/DVD set.


Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 20 Aug 2006, 10:11 p.m.


Interesting discussion on the value of scanned manuals.

Here's another perspective:

Since I'm getting older and my eyesight isn't what it used to be and the fact that many of the manuals are fairly small or at least smaller than letter size, I actually perfer the scanned manuals.

I'm lucky to have a faily fast printer that will automatically print duplex. I print the PDF manual scaled to fit letter size paper. I then bind it with a spiral binding. The result is a great oversize manual that is extremely easy to read.

The other nice side effect is that my original manuals remain in their unused condition.


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