HP 19B II - unique alpha key manufacturing error


I have a working order HP 19B II calculator with a missing "v" key on the alpha side. instead, it has a "u" in its place. I was wondering if this is a collectible item.

Thanks in advance for your expertise,




Your picture shows a Y key instead of the V key. When you press that key do you get a V?

I guess it is worth something extra.



When calculator collecting becomes as main stream as philatelics and numismatics this specimen might be worth a fortune! We'll know when we're there when we stop calling it "calculator collecting" have have our own word for it. How about abaktics from the Greek for calculating device, "abakos".

What would the term for HP-only collectors be? rpntics is too hard to pronounce.




Shiloptics? (Polish reverted, almost ;)


Yes, you get the key that is supposed to be there - the "v".


funny :)
I think it's just an assembly error - those keys have been most certainly placed by hand and this one has slipped through visual inspection.
One wonders, how the parts container looked like after assembling 10k units - 7 too many "V"s, 2 too many "O" and so on :)

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