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Hi people...

would someone who has the cd/dvd collection of manuals please be so kind to send me (a link to) the pdf's related to the HP 42S?

I recently dug my trusty old 42S up because I needed a calculator, but I seem to have lost the manuals... and while I used to be very familiar with this calculator back in high school ('93 - '96), I now have trouble figuring out how the bloody thing works...

If all documents related to the HP42S were to be found on one CD, I might be tempted to just buy one, but since they're on 2, and since there's sooooo much information I don't need on those CD's, I really hope someone will be so kind to help me out with HP42S related pdfs...

Thanks in advance,

Rob (Belgium)



If you had these CD you'd see how wonderful they are. The cost is so small and it is so efficient to have everything in one place, that your point seems weak.

Apart from that, I'd be personally very reluctant to rip something from the hard work which came into those CD. So please consider buying them.

Believe me, you will never regret that decision.


You can get it here : HP-42S manual


Klaus: Thanks, this will help a lot.

GE: as I pointed out, the information on the 42S is not 'in one place', it's spread over two cd's. And i'm not willing to pay 24$ to 29$ (the DVD) for information about a calculator... If I had that kind of money, I might as well buy a new one. (not that I didn't like the 42S, mind you... it's just that the HP 33S which is available now does more or less the same thing as the 42S and is probably more powerful)


... it's just that the HP 33S which is available now does more or less the same thing as the 42S and is probably more powerful...

The 42S is significantly more powerful than the 33S. I can't help you with your problem, but I can assure you that the modest expenses you might incur to obtain manuals and other application guides would be well worth it, and money much better spent than purchasing a 33S. (Not that I'm a 33S basher, mind you, I'm just one of many who recognize that the 42S was the zenith of the functionality vs. size-cost-complexity curve.) As far as what documentation would be useful, CD 1 will get you the manual and the HP HP-42S Programming Examples & Techniques book, which should go a long way in getting you started using your 42S. Unless you specifically need the applications, you could probably skip the HP-42S Surveying Solutions, HP-42S Topography and HP-42S Triangle solutions on CD 9. Another useful reference might be An Easy Course in Using the HP 42S from Grapevine Publications, which is listed as still available at their web site.

Well you can get 'an' HP42S manual there but not 'the' HP42S manual.

I'm lucky enough to have both the standard and advanced HP42S manuals in spiral bound format - bought with the calculator on ebay about 4 years ago for £100.


I am thinking if you sell the 42S on Ebay, you would get enough money to buy either HP or TI current top of the line calculator and with the manual. What do you think?


The latest "HP or TI current top of the line calculator" do not interest me - or many other people. That's why the old HP42S is often worth more than the new stuff.

I have the HP48 and HP49, I use my 32 or 41 or 42 or 67 much more often, my HP48 and HP49 hardly get used at all - wish I'd saved my money...


I actually agree with most of you here that buying the DVD is the right thing to do. However, the original poster didn't seem to want to spend the money, which is not a lot any way, so I suggest a way he/she can have a "Modern Top of the Line Calculator" and manual without spending any money. Perhaps even with some extra change.


Perhaps he wanted a manual for free but was a bit embarrased to say it?????????


I too like free things when I can get them. I do agree that the CD/DVD Set is a good thing to buy and at a good price. I have CD's from several providers that have allot of what is on the museums CD's, but defiantly not all. I just haven't made the effort to get the Museum's CD Set yet. But, from time to time I would like to be able to get just one or two books without having to buy all the others that I already have. Maybe Dave could set up a PayPal or some other option that would allow someone to get just the one book they need without having to buy everything else. Do it like the music download sites. $1.00 per book, $3.00 per book, or even $5.00 per book. You may find that you will get people that will download one or two books at $5.00 each and then turn around and buy the complete set of CD's later. Just a thought.


A fellow 42S enthusiast helped me out in the very way you have requested, but it was with the understanding that I would obtain my own paid copy of the MoHPC DVD.

I have recently made good on that understanding, and my DVD arrived just this week. Like you, I thought there would be little point in owning all of the information since I was interested only in select materials. However, as a proud owner of the entire set I don't regret the acquistion one bit. I do have the manuals I need, but beyond that there is a ton of fascinated material, and so much of it is useful to the the HP42S user. This includes much of not all of the HP41 users' library, plus the many older contributions for the 65, 67, and 97 which are easily upgraded for use on the HP41 series and the HP42s. Some of the technical articles are positively fascinating, and the reproduced ads and brochures are a retro-buff's dream come true.

You should keep in mind that Mr. Hicks and many associates have compiled this DVD and released it having obtained proper releases and full permission. It is therefore completely legal and by paying the modest cost we support the intellectual property rights of its many contributors, and we enable future expansions and updates.

I would encourage you to invest in the DVD to support this excellent work. I am glad I did. I got exactly what I needed, and so much more besides.




I share your view and sentiments. The museum DVD offers all of the manuals of the classic HP calculators. The manuals for the various pacs (especially those for the 35, 45, 65, 55, and 67) included the math equations used in the manuals. This information which is ageless is a wonderful reference (both the theory and the examples). Throughout the years, I have repeatedly used the HP-67 and HP41 stat pac examples to write and test statistical routines I coded in BASIC, Pascal, C++, and other languages.

Buying the muesum disks or DVD is money very well spent!!!


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