My HP-45 handheld calculator is still going strong and the only one I can use. I didn't realize it was so "old" until I got on this forum. For some reason, the decimals and commas have interchanged , i.e., 1.300,00 instead of 1,300.00. I changed out the batteries, but that wasn't the problem.

Any way for me to fix this?


Well, the HP-45 doesn't have commas in its display-- it's a red LED calculator made in the 1970s.

So the first thing to do is figure out what model calculator you're really talking about!


Maybe a 15C? Try this link: Swapping comma and decimal point on the 10C series


Maybe it's an HP-41. Radix and thousands separators are controlled by setting/clearing flags 28 and 29, if I recall correctly. I don't recall the proper settings for x,xxx,xxx.xxxx display.


Hi, Jeff;

just to refresh (hope I am correct, too). Both flags are set as default: dot as decimal separator (flag 28), radix and thousands marks visible (flag 29).

Flag 28 controls swapping and flag 29 controls showing radix and thousands marks. If flag 29 is cleared, FIX 0 allows integers to be shown without any marks at all, but the integer number must fit in 10 digits. Otherwise, any existing decimal digits (i.e., fraction part not equal zero) will oblige the radix mark to be shown, regardless flag 29 status.


Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 16 Aug 2006, 1:02 a.m.

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