Anyone found any interesting 50g SYSEVALS?


Actually, I'm wondering how many of the SYSEVALS are shared with 49g entry points. Since this seems like a minor release of the calc, I'm guessing some of them are going to coincide.

Anyhow, has anyone found any hidden gems or interesting SYSEVALS yet?





Why did this message remind me of this:

I did spot the not so subtle nuance too :-)

- Pauli



Well, I believe that the supported entry points are identical in the 49G, 49g+, 48gII, and 50g, so the SYSEVAL (and LIBEVAL and FLASHEVAL) possibilities will be the same for those. Of course, each ROM revision may have different unsupported entry points; have fun looking for them.

Of course, if you choose to use an unsupported entry point in your program, then the program might not work with another ROM revision.


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