HP 15C : I think we have a world record here !



... and the box is damaged !

Edited: 12 Aug 2006, 1:29 a.m.


Nice to see someone who VALUES the HP15C that much!!



Yes, I was traking that auction, and was going to post a link to it when I saw the closing price, but you did so first.

The serial # indicates 1985 manufacture, not 1984 as described. It's one I would have wanted, but not at that price.

There were four bidders who went above US$400...

-- KS


I think someone got caught with their pants down. What do you want to bet we see it listed again. The winning bidder probably didn't expect to pay that much. Both top bidders just tried to garantee a win, with too high a bid and one got stuck.

It wouldn't be worth $800, if the bezel was made of gold.


And the best part about the box seems to me to be the "$5" yard-sale price in the upper left corner.


$5 is a fair price at a yard sale.

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