hp 50g rom?


Hi, i`m trying to download the new rom for the hp 50 from his page but i can`t, any of you knows other place i can get it. Thanks

Paul Estepan


Does this link work?


Thanks, Jeff;

I tried and it worked fine.

I'll try it in my HP49G+.


Luiz (Brazil)




See this comp.sys.hp48 thread.

What it boils down to is that previous equation libraries for the 49 series used unsupported entry points, and thus were ROM revision dependent. The equation libraries included with the 50g use only supported entry points, and thus work with any 49G, 49g+, or 50g (at least back to the 49G ROM revision 1.18). Unfortunately, HP forgot to include the current equation libraries with the revision 2.09 (build 92) ROM, so it works well with the 50g, but the equation libraries from the 49g+ don't work with it.

So, to use ROM revision 2.09 with a 49g+, you can export libraries 226 and 227 from an emulated 50g in EMU48 (incuded with Debug4x, see: http://www.debug4x.com/), or download the libraries from http://www.hydrix.com/Download/Hp/4950Libraries/, or wait a few days for HP's webmasters to get around to posting a ZIP file that includes them with the latest ROM. Purge the old libraries 226 and 227 from port 2, and copy the new libraries to there.




Of course, if you have both a 50g and a 49g+, you can simply purge the old libraries 226 and 227 from port 2 of the 49g+, and copy the new libraries 226 and 227 from the 50g's port 2 to the 49g+'s port 2.



Thanks, that's exactly what I did yesterday (08-13-06), just as kind of trial and error procedure, and it's just worked fine
Thanks for your advice.


Does this link work?


Here is the link that does work:


Hope this helps. Their server has crashed, it appears!

Kirby, K7EC


I'm having the same problem. I wonder if it's because I'm using Safari on my Mac computer.


Guys, it appears that the ROM update has been pulled by HP. I downloaded it yesterday and today it was not available anymore.


My guess is that HP is updating its site to have a new .zip file that includes the equation libraries. Why that should be so difficult, I don't know, but HP does seem to have a lot of trouble making a usable site.

I received an e-mail from HP that an update is available here, but apparently not quite yet.

For now, you could try downloading the update with ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softlib/software7/COL4392/ca-31429-3/HP49Gp_build92_ROM_Update.zip.


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