Free42 + palm + rom2row


I imagine that with rom2row I can conver rom images and then use them in free42 windows version, but:

do they raw work in palm version?

and I have to load them into the palm just as any other file?


The "raw" files generated by rom2raw can be imported in all versions of Free42, including the PalmOS version. But, note that not all HP-41 ROMs will *work* in Free42, because they may rely on functions that the HP-42S does not support. Rom2raw will print warnings if that is the case.

In order to get the files onto the Palm, you can use the Free42 Conduit. There are some instructions on how to install and use it in the README.txt file; feel free to contact me directly if those instructions are insufficient.

If your Palm has an SD card slot, you can also move the *.raw files by copying them from the PC onto an SD card using an SD card reader; Free42 can read files directly from the SD card.

- Thomas

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