HP 50g: I'm Pleased With Mine


I've had a 50g for about a week now. The keys work fine, unlike the 49+. Screen resolution is good, paint is good. While HP purists will whine about the lack of the large Enter key, it looks a lot better than the blue rubber duck 49.

The connectivity software works well with the USB cable, nice and fast. All old 49 programs, libraries, were downloaded, installed, and run without a hitch.

Formatting an SD card is easy, and using it is just another extension of the Filer. A $20 Kodak 256 MB SD card gives immense storage space, and beats the heck out of a $300 1 MB card for the old 48gx.

So far the only bug I've found is one that was reported in comp.sys.hp48: LinSolve doesn't work for any combination of linear equations, so a ROM update is needed there. The workaround for that is to simply use Solve on a vectored list of equations, which will solve any system, linear or non-linear.

In a nutshell, I'm pleased with mine, and will buy more when my budget lets me.

Edited: 8 Aug 2006, 10:15 p.m.


Hello, I'd like to know if the front surface finish is embedded in the plastic casing or it is painted. I'm asking about this because on last February I got a replacement for the Hp 49g+ (CNA534 series) and after two months the paint was in fact, COMING OFF!!
So, I'd like to hear good news about this issue from the 50g model users


When I inscribed my initials into the case back there was no flaking paint, so I'm assuming it's an embedded color.

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