HP 35 Calculator at one time used by NASA personal


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I paid too much for a scratched up 42S surplused by the US Department of Energy (I got a very nice box though), but NASA is a lot more impressive ;)


I'm currently at NASA (working in structural mechanics). If you send me your calc, I'll use it for a day and send it back ~ voila => everyone can have a 'NASA-used' HP ;)

...so..I guess all of my HPs' are NASA-used! Of course, once you're in the category of calculators that have been used by NASA engineers the uniqueness criterion becomes: what did said engineer use it for?



But what was it used for?

Now the calculator that contributed to this:


would be worth something :-)



would be worth something :-)

... and even more, if the numbers were still in the constant memory registers :-) ...

Greetings, Max

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