[OT] I thought the OpenRPN site was supposed to be fixed?


The Open RPN website has been down for the last few days. Is it just another hiccup or the the project finished?


And you are????????


I don't understand your question. Are you asking what my real name is?

As I've explained previously, I do not wish to give it out. I'm sure mr Hicks could figure it out easily enough, but I will ask him not to do so unless he has a good reason.

I'm not the only one here that uses an alias (I'm sure you don't think Hrast's last name is 'Programmer').

I didn't mean any bad intention in my post. I just wanted to know if there were some hosting problems or something more.



AFAIK from outher sources (in fact, from their absence), it seems to be vacation time for the keeper of the gates.


Correct, Walter. Our webmaster will clean things up the next time he has a chance. For now, people can still read the forums and wiki as long as they don't log in. When the site is "back to normal" the forums will be archived somewhere else on the site. For up to date information visit the wiki and our sourceforge site.

Major news will be posted to the front page of OpenRPN.org from now on. There's nothing that really remains to be discussed, which is why the forums are going to become archived. Programming is under way (although it would be nice to have more people working on software), I am optimizing the enclosure for manufacturing, and we still need an embedded electronics designer.



An Alias that we can remember is fine. A dot is too anonymous and gives (me) the impression that you think very little of yourself. We don't need your real name and (most of us perhaps?) don't care .. unless you are like Bill Gates.



Hrast's last name is 'Programmer'

No, it is not. My name is Željko Hrastovèak but I am using HrastProgrammer alias for the last 10 years and I don't think I will change this.

But, what has my name/alias to do with this thread, really?!?

Edited: 8 Aug 2006, 1:52 a.m.


Hrast's last name is 'Programmer'

No, it is not.

Sorry, perhaps I wasn't clear. I meant that your name obviously is not 'programmer' and you were therefore using an alias like I do.

But, what has my name/alias to do with this thread, really?!?

I was just pointing out that I am not the only one who doesn't post using their real name here.


Come on guys!!!!!! Use creative handles ... that's part of the fun of it!!!

Namir (and yes it's my real name so don't wear it)


I think that "." is pretty creative. You took notice, didn't you?

(Not my real name. Ooops, yes it is! 8)


OpenRPN.org is finally moving to a new host thanks to the generosity of a member of this community. The next time it comes online it will look quite a bit different, load a lot faster, and should stay up for good thanks to back-up generators. Give us a bit of time to move, transition to a new CMS, etc. We'll let you know when it's ready. Thanks for your patience.


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