hp 10bII and 17BII+


i have both well actually a hp17bII+ a 12c a 10bII and a 17bII, anyhow. im wondering how to do Beta, on the Hp17bII+, the 10bII has a few keys that are just layed out and the menus on the 17 are a tad harder to find what im looking for to find as far as the correct keys.

i would assume that the 17b+ would do everything the 10b can and wayyyy more, it just that the keys are throwing me off. i have been using the 10bII for quite sometime and went back to my 17 only to realize i had really gotten used to the 10b layout, but i need the 17bII+ for the solver and the equations storing capacity, so i need to learn the keystrokes.

standard dev , stnddev of a pop, beta, correlation ect. the manual really offers not much help, only alot of tvc and loans stuff, so i came accross this site.

thanks mark

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The 17bII uses list-based statistics whereas the 10bII is calculated. Therefore you need to enter a list of numbers and then view the list in order for the stats menu option to display. Stddev etc are under there (sorry not to be more precise but I don't have the calculator in front of me at the moment).

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