Got my HP 50G


I must say all I have heard is true. It's a beautiful calculator, and anyone thinking about one should get one. It doesn't have the keys of the GX, but it hasn't missed a key up till now. In my opinion the reddish tint in the display is because of the black border of the 50G. I am enjoying playing with my new toy.



HP really does listen. Sometimes, just like turning a large ship, it takes a while for a change to be noticed.

Let's hope for greater things in the future.


I bought one too. I agree with most of what has been said about the machine. It's a disappointment to know there is hardly any change to the basic platform, though I knew that going in. And I recognize that stability is a benefit for the small but critical group of companies building products for the machine. It's pretty clear the RS-232 port was added to please folks in that category, and their customers, of course.

The quality certainly has returned to acceptable levels. If you could only have picked two of reasonable quality, innovative engineering or OEM support, then HP probably picked the right two. I just remember when the "wow" factor of HP calculators was much higher than the present day. That loss of "sizzle" is probably due in large part to the general rise in ambient gee-whiz temperature of the microelectronics industry over the years. But I also fear it's partly due to to a lack of leadership by HP in the calculator markets. The software in the 49g+/50g is very, very good, but is it really the last word in calculator interface design and functionality? I hope not.

Howard (Whiny retrocalculator customer geek.)



Where do I find one and how much? $$

My 49g+ is still not working and I have tried everything you all suggested: battery reseating, draining collectors and capcitance, etc. Tried flashing ROM, but without a display I'm not sure if all keys are working for those crazy multiple finger codes.

speaking of codes, does anyone out there care to share a list of maintenance codes? I have the "AURM" and the regular "guide." Between them I have the basic system resets and restarts, but the others elude me. The only clue I have now is that sometimes when I press the reset on the back with a gem clip the display has a horizontal line across it somehat like an old TV with the vertical amp gone bad. This symptom is rare and it could show up anywhere on the display.

I am pretty much resigned to replacing the 49 anyway and get the 50 ASAP. The 50 should have pretty much the same codes I expect.

Thanks for all your help! And, keep us informed on your 50, I will do the same as it yields more info.




go to

and look in the calculator section.

There it is.


BTW, on this site you can "compare" e.g. the 49g+ and the 50g. Give it a try ... and think about quality ;)

Still a long way to go!


I got mine mail order from Sam's Club. But has it, as does Samson Cables (aka



Thanks Howard - mine is on the way



where did you purchase it?

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