I recently bought HP 48G (not expandable) because I thought HP produced most advanced ones.I found the manual is quite difficult to use.It does not contain detail examples for the beginners like me.Until I bought 48, I used CASIO 9850GB+, casio provided more accessible manuals.The speed in CASIO for most function is faster than HP.Apart from them,I like HP and planned to buy 49 later.I am first year engineering student.


Try downloading some of the files at:


I found 'HP48 Workshop' and 'One-Minute Marvels' very useful (but I had some experience with HP calcs). For a begginer I would try to avoid the documents describing Saturn assembler!

The HP48 is much better than the casio 9xxx series, but the HP is not the most freindly of calculators to people who have not used one before.

There are a number of 'getting started with the HP48' type books (try looking for HP48* on amazon books), but the above documentation is at least free!


I only use HP calculators at work, currently a HP32SII. However, I tried a HP48G+ for my classes and it is just too slow. It has great features such as “best fit” regression but the TI83+ is my pick for the classroom. Not only are textbooks written around the TI but also, all of my professors use them.



Well, getting off on a tangent here, and give me that soap box over there.

The Ti-83 has a great built in Statistics package that is better than anything else, especially the Hp48's limited statistics functions. However, Stat48L and Stat48 both bring up a 48 to the level of a Ti-83 (and are free). All other functions of a Ti-83 are inferior and greatly so. The Ti-83 is extremely limited for descriptive programming since it ONLY allows a single letter Variable and only 27 total variables overall.

Since it has only 27 variables to track its overhead is less and therefore can be faster. Have you checked your memory on your 48 and cleared the stack. Or do you keep lots of eq and other stuff on the stack?

I have both also, and I admit the 48 is somewhat slower than anything else, but not enough to warrent my using a lower end ti-83. But I don't often have to deal with time constraints of exams either.


I agree with all the capabilities of the HP48 and there are features that are very helpful in a work environment, it is the Cadillac of calculators, a ten-year-old one. In particular, having named variables is a great benefit for equations that are not often used. My job as a process engineer doesn’t require the full capabilities of the HP48, the HP42 was perfect.

In my college classes I need the speed not only for the exams but just keeping up with my professor during examples. I tried using the TI83+ for work and for day to day calculations, RPN is the way to go. The very good quality of HP products is an added benefit. Again I ask, why did they get rid of the HP42?



I agree with you. I grew up using TI products (the 57 and 58) and recently used their 85 and 86. // I found that there was a simplicity about TI that was refreshing, but it also proved to be their major drawback for higher-level applications also. The HP-49G was my final pick (after a year of haggling and trying to use both!)

You're right about HP manuals for their top-of-the-line models -- they assume you've been a valued customer since the 70's and will have no problem just picking up their latest model and going right to work! It's was certainly not that easy for me, but it was worth the effort!

There are plenty of after-market books out there that will help you master the HP-48, and even a couple for the 49. Contact me if you buy a '49 and I'll pass along the info for those texts.

For me -- the HP-49 does everything I need from a programmable/graphing calculator; most of it straight from the keyboard (as opposed to having to write programs).
I can't see going back to TI, ever.

~ Bryan

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