HP-95LX Manuals in PDF


This may be old news, but I just found a great website that has a lot of the HP Computer manuals. It's the HP Computer Museum site

HP Computer Museum

I know that there was someone here that had picked up a 95LX and was looking for manuals some time ago. Following is link to manuals:

HP-95LX Manuals



That was a good find!

My unit is German and therefore some commands are different but the English manuals are still worth reading. If something doesn't work out I can still ask my neigbour who owns the printed copy (in the "correct" language.)



Hi Marcus,

That was a good find

I can't take all the credit. Someone had posted the site in an E-bay ad for a HP Omnibook 300. So I went to the site to grab the Omnibook Documentation. While there, I coundn't help but browse around and ran across the HP-95LX manuals.


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