NoV32-related: any news about Diego Díaz?(edited)


Hi, all; (and thanks, Vassilis)

maybe some of you remember that some months ago (April) I was trying to use the whole 32KRAM available with Diego's marvelous NoV32 (Advanced CLONIX-like module) and did not succeed. At that time, Diego could not go ahead with discussions because he was not at home. IIRC, he was traveling.

Well, so far I succeeded configuring the NoVRAM to work as a low-power Clonix, but I did not succeed accessing the upper 16KRAM in the NoV32. And yes, I tried using the 32KRAM available in the NoV32 as two independant 16KRAM 'slices', as stated in its manual.

I accessed and tried to find a contact e-mail address but did not succeed, so I'll try to contact him through sulacotwothousandSPAMFREE[at]hotNOSPAMmail[dot]com (I expect this to be the correct e-mail address). Anyway, I'll wait for a couple of days prior to send him an e-mail, maybe Diego reads this and gets into contact meanwhile.

As a reference to those willing to get in-deep understanding of the subject, this is the link to the thread about it, back in April 2006.

Best regards and thanks again.

Luiz (Brazil)

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Just a quick reminder that posting email addresses in public forums is an invitation to spammers, making the address more or less useless.


Edited: 29 July 2006, 10:27 p.m.

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