HP-01 Service manual?


Is there an HP-01 service manual?
I have here an HP-01 where I suspect two of the batteries have corroded parts of the power circuits. Any pointers?
In case this is not a trivial issue, who would like to get their magic hands on this to fix it?


Additional questions regarding this watch:

- Does the watch need the lid on to power up?
- The batteries *are* arranged like this, right?

neg up-O   O-pos up
O-pos up

- Will the watchulator make any beeping sound when it is powered on?
- Can one set an alarm or otherwise produce a beep without the display batteries?

TIA, the new guy,
Tore S Bekkedal :)


I'm 99.9% certain that a service manual existed, but I have not been able to get my hands on it.

Although I would expect the service manual to briefly cover the theory of operation, I also expect that the corrective action for any failure of the electronics was to replace the entire hybrid module, part number 00001-69xxx. The module was not designed to be repaired.

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