Who Says ..


.. you can't get a good deal on eBay nowadays?


Did you win that auction?



No, I didn't. One 42S is enough for me, though at that price, I could certainly have afforded a spare. 8)


Hmm. It's low considering what the 42s went for on ebay previously. But it's high for me. I opted not to buy a brand new 42s for $80 a few years ago. I didn't know that I could turn around and make some money on ebay but if I were to keep it, the 42s isn't worth the $80.


I haven't found it worthwhile to attempt to get one of the 42s, though I might be temped at under $100. Sure, it has matrices and gobs of memory, but it does not have an equation handler, and no I/O. Seems a constrained beast. I have a 15c and two 48gx and a 27s; what would I need a 42s for?



I bought a used (some paint has chipped off on the metal around the LCD) HP-42S at a reasonable price. That was fine for me. I am more interested in the funcionality than the looks.

Of course there is Tom Okken's HP42S emulator with its wonderful different skins (a la HP15C). It's so nice to have lodaded on my laptop when I travel. Same goes for ALL other calculator emulators and simulators.



I have to agree with you on all points, Namir, and disagree with Tran on the worth of the 42S.
Regarding Free42, I have it
loaded on my phone and it's a close call
which calc I have the most fun with.
If MathUPro weren't such a blast,
there would be no question. 8)

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