CAS for the HP 48GX


Is there a CAS for the 48GX? I meant one released by HP?




Well techinically no. Though if you dig deeper, you will find that the CAS available for the HP49 and HP50 series is based on programs which are freely available for the HP48. In fact, the authors of programs such as ALG48 and Erable have contributed code to the HP49 and HP50 CAS, if I remember correctly.

Install Erable and ALG48 and you should have a decent CAS.


yes, that is exactly the case.

And it is not only the CAS aspect that was independently developed for the 48 and then adopted by HP for the 49. It is also Metakernel, which is not only oncorporated into the OS of the 49, but even shows up briefly with a credits/title page when you reboot the 49!

Jean-Yves Avenard wrote Metakernel, and then found himself hired by HP ahd was involve in the 49 development.


So is Erable or ALG48 closer to the CAS in the 49G and 49G+?


That is probably an FAQ at Comp.Sys.HP48 as well as worth a surf through

I seem to remember it being built from both, but I cannot remember for sure. I know I read something quite detailed about the whole thing, a writeup which I think I found at

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