HP15Cs on the auction block


I am hoping to add a 15C to my growing little collection.

This strikes me as a little bit steep, even though it seems to be in lovely condition with case and manual.

Any feedback out there?


Well, it is pristine.

Too steep if yo want a good working one. You will find one that good for maybe$200-250 if you wait--it is a crapshoot.


I ended up landing one in what appears to be excellent condition for $280. Regrettably without a manual but the photos seem to suggest it is in very good condition and the seller has been very responsive.

I did get a private email offer from a fellow for somewhat less with manual, but the condition in the photographs did not impress me--scratching on the metal trim and faceplate, etc. Well worn and I am sure well loved. I am sure it works, but for this kind of money I am getting a bit fussier about aesthetics. Moreover, the fellow was seeking direct-to-account bank transfer prior to shipping, a situation that does not make me comfortable. eBay and PayPal are far from perfect, I know, but the concept of purchase protection really is reassuring when we are talking a few hundred dollars. So, I am paying a few dollars more for a little peace of mind. As for the manual, I am long overdue to buy the MoHPC DVD, so maybe the time has finally come.

Thanks for all of the good advice in this thread.



I have a copy of the MoHPC DVD and it is excellent. But there is also something to be said for a printed manual... The manuals often appear on eBay without calculators; if you are prepared to accept a perfect-bound manual instead of one the earlier spiral-bound ones, you shouldn't have too much trouble or expense. So I would suggest you get the DVD, and look for a manual on eBay.
PS If someone is offering to sell you an item out of the blue, and wanting to be paid by bank transfer, it does sound like attempted fraud.

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Well, it just showed up yesterday, and it is positively beautiful.

I have a brand new 12cp, and when I hold the two voyageur units side by side I can't tell which is the new calculator and which is at least 17 to 24 years old. There are no scratches on the faceplate or metal brush trim, and no crud in the keywells. The LCD is sharp and dust free.

Now, I just have to get the DVD so I know what to DO with the thing ;)



Well, I think it's a bit expensive, because in here:

eBay HP 15C Auction.

There is a slighter cheaper one that comes with the box.

Of course the box is only of interest for collectors ... although I'm a bit curious if some of you still use them for work?

I sometimes prefer to use my 11C to do simple maths. But if I'm doing something complicated enough that doesn't go well on my 11C I use my 48GX not the 15C.

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Of course the box is only of interest for collectors ... although I'm a bit curious if some of you still use them for work?

My 15C is my preferred calculator for daily use. It is just the perfect size and form factor. I do also keep a 42S in my desk for its base conversion and solver capabilities.


Yes, I still use all of mine for everyday work (which is, unfortunately, mainly simple arithmetic), generally a Voyager, sometimes a '41 and when I want to spoil myself either the '67 or '34C.


I recently paid $225 for a "used" 15C on ebay to backup my aging beat-up 15C that I have been using since 1984.

However this "new" 15C does not look used, there is absolutely no wear on it, not even on the rubber pads. It came in the orginal box with manual and all original packaging, service center information, feedback forms, ads for other products (e.g. HP 9114A), and a form to request a price quotation for a Support Agreement. It also came with 2 cases, the original slip case (never used) and a nice leather case. I think this 15C was purchased and never used.

Long story short, I think you can find a better deal.


You lucky duck! :-)

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