hp-29c simulator (ok... , almost)



As a fan of HP calculators, appreciate very much the effort of every of you in this site. I would like to contribute.
I explain everything in the site www.geocities.com/comprarhp , but as a resume, I will say that I have developed a few month ago this hp-29c simulator.
(Do not get very excited, it has lots of problems).
I was not thinking in releasing it to the public, because I knew that nonpareil announced that it will be supported, and at that moment, my program would become irrrelevant. But since then, a year has passed without news, so my program could be "usefull" during a short time.

Be aware that it only intends to simulate the behaviour of the calculator, not the inner functions.

Download, and enjoy.

Bye, Ricardo

P.D = I am curious, for you, the original owners, I am asking:

were you really using the programming capabilities of the calculator, or just using it in normal mode.? Because I think, ok, if you have to calculate a table, I mean, same formula with several different inputs, it is really usefull. But if it is just a formula (even if very complex), if you wanted to use it once, then inputing the program is more complicated that just solving the formula.
Can you tell me the use you gave to this (wonderfull) machine?


I'm having some trouble with the Nonpareil support for the 19C, 29C, 67, and 97, all of which use a highly optimized label search loop that depends on undocumented characteristics of the ACT processor. I'm still slowly making progress.


Hello Ricardo
Thanks for the 29c sim, even in it's un-optimized state.

In regards to your question, when in school (almost) 30 years ago, (I was studying electronic engineering), I used my 29c alot for adding vectors (summing the impedance of a circuit), and just number crunching in general. I came up with a program that would solve for a 3x3 matrix and that was useful also. I often found that just throwing a little mini program into it to save keystrokes was very handy (and still is). I still have my 29c, and it is still in pristine shape, even after many moves, being (temporarily) lost, etc. (Something to do with the excellent case HP provided in those days I think). Of my humble little collection (29c, 34c, 67, 97, 15c, 41cx, 33s), the 29c is of course my favorite.

Thanks again and best regards, Hal


The 29C was my first and still one of my favourites, mostly because of the shape, size, and "feel" of the machine. Certainly much more capable machines came later, but I still enjoy the 29C.

I still use one of the programs I wrote for it for wind calculations in flying.


Are there any others using it? It might be useful for sailing too, but I don't sail so I wouldn't know..



I still use one of the programs I wrote for it for wind calculations in flying.


Are there any others using it?

"Using it" might be a bit of an exaggeration, but actually, the wind-triangle calculation is always the first application I write for every new programmable calculator in my collection (or copy, as in the case of your programme - I had it running on my hp-25, only briefly though, because it is the non-continuous memory model; and on the hp-48). Having to enter the input values "blindly" on the stack in the correct order without being prompted is a little bit, lets put it mildly "non-ergonomic" though. Some things really did change for the better in the last 30 years :-)

For real-world flying I use mainly dedicated machines (I have several vintage navigation calculators (my favourite being the Navtronic 1701 with its unique vertical row of LEDs for prompting the input required) and also some modern ones, from which my favourite is the ASA CX-1 Pathfinder).
But most of the time, a few rules of thumb are really all that is needed, so the calculators spend the largest part of their life in the flying bag or in boxes and drawers at home...

Happy landings,


For sailing, you simply adjust your "wings" to suit the apparent wind and so, no, you don't need a triangle solver. :-)



I would very much like to write a long answer to you, bust as I am very busy I haven't found any reasonable time slot for so doing.

In the meantime, I think you may enjoy my article "Calculator Memories from Argentina", in the memories forun of the MoHPC.


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