Looking for 42s vs 32sii functional comparison.


Subject line says it all.

I have a 42s, but like the overloaded keys of my 15C and 48GX. 32sii looks like nice solution, but does it have all the functions of the 42S? (printing, two line display, and 41C? compat are unimportant).


printing, two line display, and 41C?

No, no and no.


Egan --

The HP-42S offers capabilities unmatched by any other RPN-based model. That being acknowledged, I still prefer the HP-32SII over the HP-42S for routine use, mainly due to its more-legible display and several extra features -- fractions and equations.

This MoHPC (hpmuseum.org) home page offers an automated comparison of features between the predecessor HP-32S and the HP-42S. The following archived post of mine provides a comparison between the HP-32S and HP-32SII (which is not yet included in the MoHPC database).


-- KS

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Also see Craig Finseth's database "hpdatabase" at http://www.finseth.com

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A listing of important (to myself) distinctions:

1. 42s has a nice menu-driven O/S (soft-keys a la 48 series)

2. 42s supports multi-character variables

3. 42s supports matrix operations (32sii does not, but can be programmed to solve limited systems(ie. [nxn] for up to n=5 or so)

4. 32sii is able to SOLVE equations, while a program must be written that defines the equation in the 42s

I was able to get through most of my BSME coursework with my 32sii and subsequently 33s. I did use my 48g/49g+ for a Classical Laminate Theory course to iteratively compute in-plane stiffness matrices, and to invert and transform stiffnesses from global to local (material) coordinates. That was just too much to squeeze out of the 33s.


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