49 g+ won't turn on


My 49 g+ won't turn on any more. It froze up when I was using it and so I reset it and it wouldn't turn back on. I pulled out all batteries and let it sit for two days so the capacitor could discharge. I've tried all the different reset methods and nothing makes it turn back on. At first it would flash like it was starting to turn on as soon as I put the batteries back in and after that it looked like the screen was on but the brightness was turned down now it does not even do that. Has anyone heard of anything like this before? I don't exactly have the money to throw at another one right now, so I would really appreciate any ideas on how to fix this one.


Silly question, but have you put in new batteries? I have sometimes never had a low batt warning and it looks as if it is turning on, but the batteries are dead.



Yup, new batteries 2 times.


In my 49G+, the stiff wire that interconnects the batteries is "a little shy", and shrinks back. Some flavours of batteries appear to have snubbier noses than others, and so dont connect. Anyway two minutes with a fine pair of radio pliers fixed it, and you can use a voltmeter to see where the connections are iffy!

hope this helps


I tried that type of thing too. I am sure that the batteries are making contact because the only way that the blue line flashes across the screen when you reset in the back is if there is power to the calculator.

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