Spice Battery Substitutes


The "Replacement Nicads for HP Battery Packs" article lists the Digi-Key substitute as P092-F021.

I just got a notice from Digi-Key that this part has been discontinued. Does anyone know of another substitute?

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Any AA NiCd battery will do. Some people are using AA NiMH batteries instead, but you have to charge them outside the calculator (a good idea anyway IMHO).



P092-F021 Huh? What's up with Digi-key? That's the right part number and they show 5500+ pcs of the P092 battery in stock. The F021 suffix just describes how to assemble the pack from the P092 cells. I would give them a call - something weird there.

For Spices, I would personally avoid any consumer type cells with the small protruding tip ends - as these are usually longer than the flat top cells like the P092. Longer cells can overstress and break the calculator battery connection tabs off the board. Your mileage may vary.

If you do get the P092-F021 pack from D-K, I would suggest removing the tabs from the ends of the battery that make contact with the calculator connections. Peel them off and then file down the little nubs from the welds. A small wheel on a dremel works well too. You want the batteries as short as possible in length.

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