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For some time I have been having a desire to use my 71b for something more than just Basic and was looking for the Forth ROM. In a round about way I got hold of a 41-translator ROM and to my great surprise I found that it seems to have the entire Forth/text/asembler/compiler package that was in the Forth ROM. Can anybody confirm wether that is true or there - indeed - are some differences.

Greatfull for any answer




the translator module doesn't have the assembler and debugger onboard (AFAIK),
but of course the 'normal' FORTH environment.




The Forth/Assembler ROM includes the Assembler part - The debugger was available seperately on thisk at a later time.
The complete package was the Forth/Assembler/Debugger package.

The Translator Pack includes a HP41C (CV?) emulator.
I'd bet, that you could enter the assembler software via keyboard, if you have the FORTH IDS from CHHU.
The Forth IDS includes a complete listing of the Forth kernel (including the assembly language part), but not the debugger.

I've never tried this, because I own both ROMs, so there was no need for it.



I have the translator ROM as well as the full Forth/Assembler ROM, but no manuals at all (unfortunately they are not on the Museum CD). From what I have figured out so far the Assembler is in fact missing in the Translator ROM...

Cheers, Richard

P.S. I am willing to pay nearly everything ;) for the Forth/Assembler ROM manuals...


Stupid me...

I just figured out, that the HP 71 Forth/Assembler manuals are on the Museum CDs, my version is just outdated. Time for the update ;)

Cheers, Richard


The manual is of a low value for the programmer. It's just a collection of short references.

The only assembler example is a function returning a constant. This is the simplest program possible on a 71B.


Yes, maybe the HP-71 IDS are on the museum CD's, too.
Many years ago, I had copies of the IDS, which were a valuable source (at least for me;-)


For those who don't know the IDS: The software Internal Design Specs contained listings of the source code of the HP-71 OS, and the extension modules (e.g. FORTH).
There were hardware IDS, too.

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