Do you have more info about the new HP50G

-Difference between HP49G+ and this new HP50G
The keyboard layout seem to be the same.
Is it true that HP50G will include all equations, like in HP48 ?


Thank you


Who knows, who cares! :-)


Who cares?


49g+ is broke and I am back on the 48gx for the time being. (Beginning to remember how impressed I was with the 48gx.) Would get another 49g+ if the 50 is NOT on near horizon, therefore - I care!



I don't know anything about the delivery schedule.

The hp49g+ has the "equations" right now if you upgrade the flash ROM to VERSION 2.06, available at www.hp.org.

I'm hoping that the hp50g will be at least a hp49g+ with most of the functions coded for direct execution (no Saturn emulation layer to penetrate) on the S3C2401X01 (ARM-type) processor.

(Even with a 75 MHz ARM-type processor, the speed of the hp49g+ on many higher level functions is not much better than the old 4 MHz Saturn hp48gx. For example, a "Savage Benchmark" consisting of 2500 executions of [square root, square, ln, exp, atan, tan, 1 + ] takes 107 seconds on my hp49g+ (ROM version 2.06), which is negligibly faster than the 114 seconds that it takes my old hp48gx to do the same thing. Oddly, back when I had the original hp49g+ ROM version 1.20, it only took 97 seconds, but that was still unexpectedly slow.)

Mike M.


The URL for the ROM updates should have been:


Mike M.


Hi Mike. Couple of thoughts:

1) For the savage benchmark, make sure your program isn't using integers in the calculations and that it is approximate mode. That will speed things up quite a bit.

2) Another speed up is to download the clock speed adjustment program. It is possible on most 49g+ to step up the clock speed from 75Mhz to 203Mhz! Even better is the ability to step up the speed at the start of a program, and then return it to normal as the program finishes. It is really sweet. Information can be found here:




but maybe the 50G will be already optimized.

If HP took times to make new model, that will probably be an evolution of 49G, it could be normal that this new model will be included lot of add ons ever asked by users for 3 years.

-Better keyboard ?
-More function ?
-More speed ?
-More memory ?
-Equation of HP48 (but i saw that is already done)


Well, until HP announces a new model, you'll have to live with your questions or do a google search for rumors.


Or attend HHC2006 on September 16/17 and ask HP firsthand!


I have to buy a 50g because I screwed up my 49g+...so I'll know soon enough. But my guess is that the only differences are a different color, the most recent ROM, and an extra battery. Even on samsoncables.com the "improvements" are based on the 50g vs the 48 series (not vs the 49g+). Ever notice how the 49g+ gold color on the faceplate rubs off after a while? How cheap. Was this a bi product of the Carly Fiorina reign? To me the last well constructed HP was the 48 series. (I don't even consider the 49g an HP). I only wish that one day HP will build something that matches the 48's quality.


Ditto on just about everything in your post, even the broken part. I was just about ready to get a TI89 if there is no replacement on the horizon. I've gone so far as to print the AURM and guide (over 1500 pages, but pretty complete documentation - I just want hard copy if I expect to develop anything.

The scene has shifted now as some of you are actually into GAMMA TESTING, that series of tests performed buy those of us who use the systems and accidently discover problems. The 50 sounds like a good makeover of the 49g+ including the keyboard and I see no real reason to abandon HP. After all, I do need a new unit since the 48gx is all I have (not a bad backup!!!)

I am 99% convinced at this point that the 50 will satisfy me for a couple of years - just waiting for the first wave of remarks and comments from the early birds. I really don't anticipate much negative beyond the obligatory requirement to find fault with something. I expect to hear very little noise of substance. It's a pretty good sign when the initial surge is almost limited to style. I WOULD APPRECIATE the warm fuzzy feeling of a domestic announcement - strange absence.

best regards,



okay i finally got my 50g. i think that HP should've called the 49g+ the 50g instead of the 49g+. then they could've called this latest the 50g+ because its pretty much the same thing as the 49g+. it only differs by having an extra AAA battery, an rs232 interface (cable not included), and its black. hopefully the black won't rub off LOL. i really wish they would've gone with the traditional brown (ala 48sx, 28s, 32s, etc.). it still has the lame sticker serial number...too bad they stopped engraving these. also, the speaker "beep" is still the weak sounding one...not the stronger one from the HP 49g. everything else appears to be the same. i uploaded all my files from the 49g+ and they all appear to be uncorrupted. my advice...only purchase if something is wrong with your 49g+. cheers!


Did I miss an upgrade to pick up subdirectories on the SD card?
My 49g+ has been down for several weeks and I could have. What is important to me is that SUBDIRECTOIES ARE SUPPORTED IN THE 50G!

NOW, we're expandable with real portability! (maybe the correct word is "modular."

Check out chapter 18 in the tiny "user's manual" and chapter 26 in the *.pdf manual. Don't know if it works yet, but it is there now!

For those looking to buy online, my unit was shipped free and still arrived on Sunday - today.


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