Does anyone know more information about the apparently never released 12Bii, was this a real project or just a fictitious calculator? I found a couple of references to it but this is the only credible one12bii

Edited: 10 July 2006, 9:41 a.m.


There was a 12R (Real Estate Consultant) proposed once. Don't think that it ever went further than a keyboard layout / design for a Pioneer format machine.

Not heard of a 12bii but that might have been an early name for the Platinum given that the "ii" style of naming was in vogue at that time?


That might have been the unreleased Saturn-based 12C. As I've heard it, the focus group didn't like it because it was too fast. Apparently people who have used a 12C for years know how long it takes to do certain kinds of calculations, and don't trust it if it's too much faster. Whereas people that aren't so well-trained on the 12C didn't have any problem with the other Saturn-based financial calculators.

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