Dead Math+ Card - Please Help - Backup Needed


Hi all,

is anybody familiar with the Math + Card for the 48GX ?

Well I have one and I inserted it and it said 'Invalid Card' ... or something similar.

I tried to turn the calculator ON and OFF some times but it always gave the same error. Then I tried to use the 'PINIT' function, and it stopped the error message ... but now, when I go to the Library, there is nothing on the card. :(

Have I destroyed the memory contents of the card?

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Try re-inserting the card and making sure that it sits properly within the card slot. Unless the card was a RAM card, the PINIT command does nothing to the hardware of any ROM card so that the card should remain intact. This, of course, assumes that the ROM card was designed properly.


I believe the Math+ card was a 32K RAM card, not a ROM card.. Unless you can find someone with a dump of the RAM card, I think you're out of luck and it's just a glorified 32K RAM card now.

I could be wrong though, try cleaning the contacts with an eraser and reinserting it.



:( That is what I feared, it says on the card that it's a 32Kb RAM card.

I tried to clean the contacts as well ... but nothing.

Pardon me to say so, but seems a very bad way to build an application card ... if the battery drains your application goes away.

Now, I believe I need some good soul to send me a backup of the card, if with that it's possible to revive it.

Thank you all.

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Unfortunately this is one of the few cards that I do not have- or else I would gladly help.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.



Thank you very much Eric ... hopefully someone will appear.

I was also checking on Google but there is not information about this card ... but I see them sometimes on eBay so they should not be very rare.

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