HP 12c country of manuacture


I recently bought my first HP 12c. I managed to find an in-package 12c (not the 12c Platinum, which I've heard has poor construction, functionality, and speed).

However, I noticed that my 12c is made in China. As you all know, the older models from the 1990s are made in Malaysia, and the originals were made in the USA.

For those of you who have known both the made in China 12c and the older versions (Malaysia or USA), are there any differences in functionality? How about in button-feel? My Chinese 12c feels sturdy and well-built, but I've only owned it for 3 days now. How does the construction and sturdiness of the Chinese-made 12c calculators compare to the older ones?

Please be honest. I have no problems returning this and buying a slightly-dinged-up made in USA or Malaysia 12c off eBay!


I have a 12C CN130xxxxx (made in China, 30th week of 2001), and another CNA515xxxxx (made in China plant A, 15th week of 2005).

The first (2001) is very good. I have used it very much, and still do. The keys respond well, and speed is the same of all the Voyager series: quite poor. But it is a very good machine. The plant is not specified, so I think there was only one, at that times.

The second (2005)... well, I bought it very recently (3 days) for collection purposes, and I haven't used it at all. First impression, though, is not good. Keys are rough, and hard to press. Maybe it's because it's brand new, but I hadn't had the same problem with the first, whose keys are smooth and very similar to the USA 11C I have.

Hope I have helped you.


-- Antonio

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Apart from the CNA matter I can second Antonio's words.

I have a CN125xxxxx. The keys rattle when shaken, but when I use the calc properly there's definitively nothing wrong with it; it behaves very classic HP-ish.

I happen to have an American 11C as well, which I think can withstand more accidents than the 12C, but that's about it.

I'm not going to confirm. ;-)


You're not Bram Moolenar, are you? Or not?

-- Antonio


You're not Bram Moolenar, are you? Or not?

True. I'm not ...

It appears that this B.M. is in jewellery (http://www.goedkoopstesieraden.nl/index.php?p=Contact). In a way, I am as well. Gems with buttons ;-)
And me only for a hobby.


The Vim editor is indeed a true jewel ;-)



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I totally agree with you about Vim.

-- Antonio (Vim guy)


My 12c is a China-made CNA 618xxxxx, which (if I understand the pattern correctly) means it was made during the 18th week of 2006.

It feels sturdy, and the keys respond very well, much like the one made during the 30th week of 2001 that you mentioned. How can I figure out plant of manufacture?


Sometimes buying an older American one will not get you better condition. There are many 12c calculators out there that have been used heavily. Some people have a habit of tapping the buttons hard, and so they become anything but nice in their action.

Sometimes you get lucky. It really all depends on the past use.


The new Chinese model may be superior simply because of its power source, no?


I really don't see what is superior about the single battery.


Well, it's a standard battery -- found in every PC. What's more, there is only one, not three.


That is true!

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